Will You Help Your New Neighbors?

The Number of Refugees in the World

Estimated Number of Refugees Resettled in Virginia October 2022 to September 2023


The percentage of the DC-area's population that are immigrants.

  • 51% of worldwide refugees come from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria alone. 51% 51%


5.7 Million


5.7 Million


6.5 Million


Refugees in the U.S. lack basic literacy skills.

Many women are unable to take English classes due to lack of childcare.


Refugees are children.

Without English, basic tasks that we take for granted, like navigating public transportation, are nearly impossible for refugees.

After coming to the United States, refugees and asylees often list English as their greatest need.

Have you ever been someplace far from every comfort of home and the family you love? Unable to communicate with the world around you? Unable to get around because you don’t understand how the public transit works? Or to read signs or fill out important documents? Eager to provide for your family, yet unable to work because you can’t speak the language? Have you experienced how hard it is to learn a new language without any help? Those who have been displaced feel these on a daily basis.

Will you deliver help and hope to our new neighbors?