Donate to Help Students Affected by COVID-19

COVID19 has struck fear into hearts around the globe. We all feel the weight of uncertainty of our future.

But what about our neighbors who have come from nations near and far? They’re disconnected from their families, their home-culture and comforts, and they don’t speak the language of journalists, safety advisors, medical experts and decision-makers. In this unparalleled time in our global society, let’s make sure that Christ’s love is extended not just “to every American” but also to every neighbor that the Lord has brought near to us for such a time as this. 

Your gift will be used to buy food for our students, their families, and their neighbours. It can be the tangible care that comforts, the love that helps meet needs in the lives of our students, the gift that points them to Jesus during this virus crisis.

Thank you for showing the love of Christ to near neighbors in our own land. May they see Christ in the love we are giving…

For the Nations DC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and your support contributions are tax-deductible. We retain full control over the administration of donated funds and make every attempt to honor giving preferences.