Katheryn Wolfe is the Director of Operations of For the Nations DC.

Katheryn was born in the DC metro area but grew up living in different parts of the United States and overseas. She attended the University of Florida, where she majored in Advertising and minored in Spanish. After graduating in 2009, Katheryn took a position with the American Red Cross that allowed her to live in different parts of the world and gain valuable experience in non-profit management, including working with large groups of volunteers. Katheryn moved to the DC metro area in 2013 and has spent five years in the corporate world learning the ins and outs of task management and creating different training products for adult learners. She has also spent the last three years coordinating a volunteer-run English program at her church, where she has been able to serve, love, and learn from students from all different backgrounds. Katheryn is beyond grateful for the privilege to now be working with refugees, asylees, and immigrants full time at FTNDC. When she’s not at work, Katheryn enjoys exploring national parks, spending time at the beach, playing futebol, and eating at different ethnic restaurants in the area.

What excites you about FTNDC?

During the last three years of running the program at our church, the most common question at registration was “Do you only offer classes twice a week?” and the most common piece of feedback on our program survey was “We need more classes!” While I heard and related to the students’ needs, I felt the limitations of one church trying to meet these needs all on our own. What excites me about FTNDC is that it presents an opportunity for churches to work together to better meet the practical needs of our neighbors. Not only can we answer the need for more classes in a given week, but we are also able to remove another huge barrier for adults attending class by providing free child care. As we love our students well by meeting their practical needs, we can also share the story of how God has met our greatest need through Jesus.