Bashar Ayesh is Executive Director of For the Nations DC. God has uniquely gifted him for this role! 

At first I read the Bible like it was any other book. Just like all other Muslims I believed Jesus was a prophet, and did not yet understand his significance to my life. Eight years later I was offered a job as a translator for the US military in Iraq, which I initially turned down. A few weeks after I turned down the job, I had a dream in which a bright light and a comforting voice told me that in Iraq I would find the answers I was seeking about God. I started working in Iraq in 2006, but I didn’t find my answers for almost three more years. After only working with combat units for six years, I was assigned to a medical unit. On that medical unit was a doctor who finally offered to study the Bible with me. After four months of studying the Bible, I was baptized by a US Marine Corps chaplain and have been striving to dedicate my life to Jesus ever since.